Saturday, April 21, 2012

[SPOILER] Thoughts on the upcoming season of Doctor Who

The season is still months away, but every little bit of spoiler excites me. So here's what we know so far:
  1. Amy and Rory are leaving
  2. Someone's going to die
  3. The Weeping Angels are back
  4. There's a fight and possible divorce between Amy and Rory
And all these will happen before the Christmas special, where they would introduce the new companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman).

It's been known for a while now, that Amy and Rory (Arthur Darvill) will be leaving in the middle of next season; and of course, the rumors start about how they will leave the show. Karen Gillan has been said that she wants a definitive end for Amy Pond, which to me means that she doesn't want to come back in future episodes.

When I heard that someone's going to die –– and here they specifically say "one" –– I thought that it was gonna be River (Alex Kingston), because there's no way they're gonna kill either Amy or Rory, right? Then I realized that we've already watched River's death, so it has to be either Amy or Rory. Either way, it's gonna be unbearably sad. At first, I thought it was Rory who's gonna die. I mean, they've already killed him a few times, maybe they're gonna do it right this time! I already cry every time they kill Rory so one more wouldn't change much.

And then came the rumors (and pictures) about the big fight between Amy and Rory, and possible divorce papers. This is so much worse than death! I mean, after all they've been through, they can't get a divorce! In any case, after hearing about this, my view on the whole issue shifted. The fight is most probably about The Doctor: Amy wants to keep running around with him while Rory wants to settle down. It is possible that the fight turned very ugly, and, divorce or not, Amy ended up running away with the Doctor to travel some more, leaving Rory, with the intention to be back right when she left. Of course, something bad happens when travelling with the Doctor (ie. meeting the Weeping Angels again) and Amy got killed. It's infinitely sadder because Rory will blame himself for not protecting Amy, and then The Doctor will blame himself because it's always his fault.

Also, since they're saying that it's gonna be the Weeping Angels to end Amy/Rory, it can't be Rory, right? He's plastic! He survived 2,000 years protecting Amy! That is, if Steven Moffat sticks to his own writing that the Weeping Angels' "power" is to zap people back to history and let them grow old and die in the past. That wouldn't work on plastic Rory. Unless he either unplastic Rory (refleshed, according to a co-worker), or change who the Weeping Angels are. He's so good with continuity and details on Sherlock, and I'm hoping for the same from him on Doctor Who!

Anyways, if it's Rory who died, I imagine Amy asking the Doctor to wipe her memory of the both of them, and ask him to put her in a place and time far away from him (whatever "far" means for a Time Lord and his TARDIS), and she becomes the soothsayer in "The Fires of Pompeii".

Whatever happens, it looks like it's gonna be a very dramatic and sad few episodes, and I really am looking forward to angsty Doctor for the remaining of the season!

What about the 50th anniversary?

I want him back!
2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and I'm expecting something big to happen. Most importantly, I want to see more David Tennant as the Doctor! It's quite sad that Christopher Eccleston had said that he has no intention of coming back to Doctor Who, even for the special celebration. Three Doctors would have been amazing! But really, I just need more DT.

I honestly thought that the show was gonna pre-empt 2013 for the anniversary, but most of season 7 would be in 2013. And I've heard that they plan a full season 8 afterward too, so I'm not sure where this big anniversary specials fit in. They are going to do it, right? Maybe it would be the Christmas special? Or just an anniversary movie special? Whatever it is, it better has a lot of David Tennant in it!