Sunday, January 3, 2016

Only Lovers Left Alive

This is one of those movies that I have intended to watch for months (maybe even a whole year) without actually watching it. Until, I saw it on TV yesterday. I find the movie to be dark and beautiful. The story and the tone of the movie are strange, but attractively so. I missed the first few minutes of it, but it captivated me right away.

I'm not quite sure what it was that caught my attention. It could just be because it stars Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, both great actors whose performances I've always enjoyed. It could also be because the movie is dark, overall. I'm also intrigued by the interaction between Adam and Eve. And I'm quite worried that I'm attracted to the lethargic and not-quite-alive characters. I don't know if that's the correct definition, since they're definitely enjoying life with music and literary and dancing, but the way they act makes it more apparent that these characters are undead, unlike a lot of other pop culture vampires. Their life seems fascinating to me. I think I'm drawn to the way they live their lives and their relationship. It's not really textbook romanticism, I don't think, but highly appealing nonetheless.

Catching up...

It seems that I've abandoned this blog (and all my other blogs) for most of this year. So this post will mostly be a quick catch up on what I've been watching... It's a shame though, because I've watched a few very good movies this past year, although I am watching less TV shows.