Thursday, April 19, 2012

[SPOILER] The Cabin in the Woods white board

Spoilery screencaps under the cut.

They really should create a movie with each of the monsters. They don't even have to be full-length films; I'd take shorts, or even YouTube clips! I just want to see all the monsters. And really, a horror film with a unicorn as the villain? Yes, please!

EDIT: they could be DVD extras instead. The whole movie is the same, except for when they pick which monsters to attack them. The way users can select the monster to watch would be the basement scene. We get to choose an item in the basement, therefore picking the monster.

But this must happen AFTER Joss Whedon finishes promoting The Avengers, and finishes working on the two other films he's doing, and, most importantly, Dr. Horrible 2!! Seriously, for someone who usually avoids horror films, Cabin in the Woods has got me so freaking excited.