Monday, January 23, 2012

Season vs. Series

I've been watching mostly British shows lately, and I confused myself with how I use the terms "season" and "series". The British use "series" as the Americans use "season" and I used to use "series" to mean the show as a whole. So, I've decided to try to avoid using the term "series" and use the terms "season" and "show" instead (in other words, use the American standard that I'm more familiar with).

Torchwood: season 1

A little back story: I was on my first Doctor Who marathon, fell in love with David Tennant, and was heartbroken when the tenth Doctor regenerated. I couldn't get myself to start watching post-Tennant Doctor Who, so I decided to re-watch it from season 1; and maybe, this time, if I didn't stop to mourn the loss of Tennant, I can just continue watching to season 5 and beyond. So, I thought, while I'm at it, why not watch Torchwood too? I have to say, the first time I watched Who, I missed so many mentions and references of Torchwood throughout season 2, just like I missed "Bad Wolf" in season 1.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's try this!

I wanted to start writing reviews or just opinions on movies and TV shows that I watch. I'm planning to at least write a short review of each movie that I watch at the theater, and a season review for TV shows that I follow. Not sure how well this would go, since I've planned on writing up reviews for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and The Adventures of Tintin, but they are still on my original blog's drafts list, never to be published. Fingers crossed!

There might be some cross posts or maybe I'll move some posts from my old blog to this one.