Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Snowmen

Christmas trees, Santa, and now snowmen. Doctor Who really wants us to be scared of Christmas, doesn't it? This year's Christmas special introduces us to quite a few new things: new companion, new title sequence, new TARDIS control room.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Surprise, Motherfucker!

I finally watched Dexter's season finale. I honestly don't know why I delayed watching this for a whole week when I've been following the season weekly. The whole season has been intense; it's the best one of recent years, in my opinion.

The episode contains flashback scenes of when Doakes was still alive; and the one thing I truly miss was the strings of blood spatter that Dexter used, and how he explained in great detail, visually, of how the kill happened. The visible enjoyment of the murders (or his job, as he said), is fascinating.

The main focus of the episode is how LaGuerta is closing in on Dexter's secret. I could not see how he's going to get out of it this time. And he didn't, really. Framing her with the stolen evidence was smart, but you know she's not just going to let it go. That's a smart distraction, but it's not enough. Plus, I thought it was fair since she tried to set him up with the release of Hector Estrada, who killed Dexter's mother. How bad is it that I think LaGuerta is the bad person in this situation? And how ridiculously bad is Miami Metro Homicide that I think it's insane what LaGuerta is doing –– her job. Anyways, I hated her enough as it is, but then she decided to go after Dexter. I thought that would be a good thing, since that would somehow give Dexter a reason to get rid of her (ie. cut her to pieces and dump her in the ocean). But then she had to go and implicate Debra into the mess! I mean, I know that she's technically the good guy here, but come on! I didn't expect Debra to be the one who killed her, though. I did think that Debra would end up killing someone for Dexter, but I thought it would be Hannah. I also believed that the drug in the water bottle was Debra trying to set up Hanna –– I was quite disappointed when she admitted to doing it.

Speaking of Hannah, I am glad that she's still alive, and quite excited that she's out of prison. But it also makes it seem like she's going to be The Big Bad for next season. Why can't they just all get along? I'd love her to stay for a few more seasons, if possible. More importantly, she's obviously being hunted down now; how involved would Debra, the arresting officer, be in this situation now that her life seems to be a big mess?

So what's next? They might try to run away; but that would mean being hunted. LaGuerta missing wouldn't go unnoticed for too long. Plus, Homicide would be on full force because she's one of them. The fact that she was after Dexter, no matter how little others believed her then, would mean that Dexter is a top suspect. If he and Deb ran away, that would mean that they would be chasing them, and that's not gonna end well for anyone. Also, how did they get rid of LaGuerta's body? Deb shot her with her service weapon, which probably means that if the body is found, it wouldn't be too hard to identify Deb as the shooter. So complicated! I can't believe that I have to wait for *months* to see how things play out! Who would Deb be after all this? She's a murderer now, too, even though she's still a good person. Or she tries to be. I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Final Page: I CALLED IT!

I did have a little outburst a couple weeks ago but after last week's episode, "The Over-Correction," I calmed down a bit because I believed I knew where the writers were going with it. I still would have preferred Barney and Robin to be together earlier in the season (earlier in the series, even), but I guess they wanted to tell the story.