Friday, December 6, 2013

It's over way too soon

I guess that's the one thing I hate about British TV shows: they're way too short! I know it's probably just because I'm used to the American 24-episode seasons, but when there's a show as good as Broadchurch and we only get 8 episodes, I just...I *need* more –– even worse with 3 episode Sherlock AND they make us wait so freaking long. Although, I kinda think that the short season helps with the quality of the show. I'm sure there are plenty of not-as-great British shows that I didn't know about, but maybe not having to stretch out plots for 24 episodes helped the writers.

Yes, I probably watched Broadchurch just because of David Tennant. Sure, I was excited for the prospect of The Tenth Doctor meeting Rory. But I had no doubt in my mind that it would be great; all the reviews were wonderful. I am happy that I watched the show without knowing anything about it, other than the fact that Tennant plays a detective.

Broadchurch is a crime drama set in a small town, Broadchurch, that revolves around the investigation of death of 11 year old Danny Latimer. Tennant plays Detective Inspector Alec Hardy, who leads the investigation. He is aided by Olivia Colman's Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller, who is a Broadchurch citizen and has been a friend of the Latimer family. The investigation introduces us to the townsfolk of Broadchurch and shows us how a tragedy affects the small community. It really does bring the best and worst in people.