Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Final Frontier

It's finally here! The long-awaited Castle episode of a murder taking place during a fictional Comic Con. We were promised Firefly references (among other sci-fi things) and they delivered. I squeed like the fangirl I am, multiple times throughout the episode.

There are so many sci-fi references throughout the episode, but the first squee that came out of me was caused by Nathan Fillion's Castle saying "shiny!" The whole episode was just a huge bundle of fun references.

I also love the episode because it shows the inner-geeks of the guys. Detective Beckett's geekiness is quite surprising though. I wouldn't have thought she's the fansite/board member and cosplaying type. One thing that bothered me, though, was Alexis asking her dad "What are you doing here?" when they met. I mean, at the beginning of the episode, Castle was at the Marvel booth signing the Storm comic book. She would have known if her dad was signing comic books based on his best-selling novels, wouldn't she? She should have expected him there! I mean, it provided us with a cute/funny scene between the two, and the internet loves the screen-caps of Alexis's costume, but I just didn't find it believable that she didn't know Castle was gonna be there.

Speaking of the booth and signings, I was first confused with how much Marvel things was displayed. Not just that Castle was signing in front of the big Marvel booth, but even when they were walking around working the case, there were a lot of Marvel characters cosplayers around them. Then I realized, Marvel, Disney, ABC...yeah.

Just a little thing I loved from the previous episode, "Probable Cause. 3XK comes back and tries to frame Castle. When he visits Castle at the holding cell, the camera focuses on this for a split second:
Just a very nice easter egg that I enjoyed