Sunday, November 11, 2012

I don't know exactly when I became someone who *needs* sci-fi

But in my attempt to stay away from Firefly until today's Science Channel marathon plus Browncoats Unite event, I was craving for a sci-fi show. Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: The Next Generation are the two shows most suggested to me.

I'm a couple episodes short of finishing the first season and I have to say, I'm...confused. First of all, I haven't managed to get everyone's names. And, I just have so many questions watching this show. I guess it's the reason I keep on watching it, because I need these questions answered. I don't know what it is, but I just feel like there's something that I'm not getting about this show, and it bothers me.

Here's what I understand: The humans created the Cylons. The Cylons became smarter and smarter and rebelled. The humans and Cylons have lived peacefully away from each other for generations –– until now. The Cylons have somehow managed to take human forms and have higher intelligence than humans. And they've decided to attack the humans.

My first question is: why? What do the Cylons want? Why are they attacking the humans and why now? I'm guessing this will be answered later on, but right now, I'm not seeing any good reason. Also, I feel like the Cylons are so much more advanced than the humans that they can basically beat them with no problems. Yet they seem to toy with them. Or do they need the humans for something? I'd be very interested to see the Cylons's history. From the moment they left to how they "became human" and all that.

There are 12 human-form Cylon models, each with multiple copies of itself. I'm pretty sure I've only seen 4 of them so far. And they can't die –– when the body dies, the consciousness and memories would be transferred to the next body. No. 6 mentioned something about Sharon not knowing that she's a Cylon maybe until the current one dies and she gets "called," but the other Cylon models seemed to be working together at the same time, which means they know they're Cylon. So what went wrong with Sharon's model? Why is the Sharon aboard Galactica rejecting the knowledge or inkling that she's a Cylon? I just need to know how it works!

Speaking of Sharon, I don't understand Dr. Gaius Baltar's intentions; why is he hiding the Cylons? He knows that Sharon is a Cylon, but he keeps that information to himself. How is that going to be beneficial to him in any way? I also don't know if his No. 6 is just part of his imagination, or if she's actually controlling him. It seems that the latter is more likely. She seems to always get what she wants in the end. But all the Cylons act like it's all part of some prophecy; that all these are meant to happen, and that they and the humans are just parts of the plan. And how did she go from Baltar's hallucination, to physical form seen by everyone, then disappeared just like that? Are the Cylons more than just machines?

Still on Sharon, there was another copy of her in Caprica with Helo. I also don't understand what they want from him. The Cylons seemed to be watching him, observing his actions. But what for? My current guess is that the Cylons need humans to procreate. This is probably why they don't just kill the humans even though they're capable. The Cylons seem to be very drawn to the notion of love and the gods; and that love is a step closer to the gods or something like that. To me, it seems that the Cylons are craving for love and somehow they need humans for it.

Trying to understand the Cylons is giving me a headache. But understanding the humans isn't that much better. What are their plans? There are less than 50,000 humans left in existence, and it seems that their current plan is just to run. They seem to have this dream or belief about Kobol and finding it, whatever Kobol is. My current understanding is that Kobol is actually Earth, the place where humanity began; and that their Earth is some kind of heaven. It's a faith thing. Not everyone believe in it, but those who do want to find it.

There are too many questions!! I'll just go back to watching more episodes and hopefully I'll get answers instead of even more questions.