Sunday, January 3, 2016

Catching up...

It seems that I've abandoned this blog (and all my other blogs) for most of this year. So this post will mostly be a quick catch up on what I've been watching... It's a shame though, because I've watched a few very good movies this past year, although I am watching less TV shows.

In the movie world, there were some very good ones last year: The Imitation Game, Inside Out, The Martian, and The Intern. There were a few which were surprisingly good; either just better or much better than expected, like Spy and Kingsman: The Secret Service. But, of course, my favorite is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Age of Ultron isn't the best movie, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. It could have been longer so some of the scenes wouldn't be so fragmented, but it was still fun. And, Ant-Man is a delight! Paul Rudd and gang are hilarious.

However, the best things in the MCU are on ABC and Netflix. Their Netflix "Defenders" series started with Daredevil, which is quite amazing and I wrote about it here. However, after a rewatch, I wasn't as captivated as I was the first time. Wilson Fisk, who is quite ruthless, isn't as scary as he was talked up to be. It might also be caused by the fact that I did the rewatch after I watched Jessica Jones, which I enjoyed more than Daredevil. I am obviously biased because David Tennant is in it, but I think Jessica Jones is a better show overall. Kilgrave is also a better villain than Fisk, mainly because he doesn't have any grand plans, no taking over the world (or Hell's Kitchen). He only wants one small thing, which is for Jessica to love him back. And, also, the fact that his power is basically making people lose their freewill is just terrifying. But, again, mostly because it's David Tennant. One of the pluses of him joining the Marvel Universe is that he's doing more interviews for promotions and going to more conventions in the US. Also, it's intoxicating how excited he is to be part of something that he's been a fan of since he was a kid (like he was with Doctor Who).

Speaking of Tennant, watching him as Kilgrave freaked me out quite a bit because he was using his English accent and too many times it reminded me of The Doctor. I ended up watching his episodes of Doctor Who soon after, which was a lot of fun––for a couple days. Before you know it, you get to "Doomsday"/"Army of Ghosts" double episode and it's just sadness. A few good episodes, and then another companion has to leave and he's sad again. I kinda want to watch a show or movie where David Tennant just ends up happy. I also rewatched Blackpool and Casanova afterwards, and now I'm out of Tennant things to watch :(

And, back to the MCU, Agents of SHIELD has been amazing! Especially season 3. They move so freaking fast, covering so many stories every episode. I'm actually worried they're moving too fast! In comparison with the start of season 1, this seems like a completely different show. They're off for quite a few weeks now for winter break, and will be back in March. As much as I want Grant Ward and Hydra to just die and disappear, it is interesting what he's turning out to be. Well, I guess Ward is actually dead... Hydra though, we can have other villains, right? I feel horrible for Coulson that Ros died. Finally, someone who can match him, who knows about his job and who he is, and she's gone just when we start to fall in love with her! And I can't help but feel that things won't end well for FitzSimmons. I just really hope that this show gets recognized by its movie counterparts. It just doesn't make sense for the universe to continue on as if SHIELD is actually gone when they're battling with Inhumans like they do. It would also be very interesting if (when?) they finally tie it to the Netflix series.

I guess my 2015 was filled with mostly Marvel things. I really haven't been following other TV shows other than theirs. I haven't even watched the last season of Game of Thrones. And all these great new shows... that I should watch some time soon... I guess.

But, first things to watch this year: Agent Carter, which is starting soon, and the Sherlock holiday special, which aired recently. After that, hopefully, something new, although I'm currently fighting a desire to rewatch The West Wing.