Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy October 19th! :)

Troy and Abed back from suuuuummer!

Community is finally back! The first episode of season four "History 101" shows the gang back from their (last ever?) summer break at Greendale as seniors. Annie wants to experience senioritis; Troy and Britta's relationship progresses; Jeff is now the new Jeff who puts his friends ahead of himself; Abed has to deal with the last first day of school.

The "last first" theme makes it feel like this could be the last first episode of Community. Not saying that season five (and six and a movie) wouldn't happen, but I don't want to be too optimistic at the moment. You never know, with NBC. Although, with 30 Rock just ended and The Office about to end, NBC might give Community a better chance of continuing. Dean Pelton moving in to the apartment next to Jeff's certainly means the show wants to expand beyond the campus; to let the show continue after graduation. I'm excited to see what the rest of the gang would do.

Honestly, I didn't feel the lack of Dan Harmon in the episode, which is a very good thing. Hopefully this season is good –– better than last season at least.