Sunday, November 3, 2013

How am I supposed to continue rooting for him?

I mean, from the first episode you know that Francis Underwood is quite the anti-hero, but that can be chalked up as him being a politician. He's not an honest person. He was backstabbed so he fought back, albeit manipulatively. But that's just politics, right? Even then, I was still taken by him; his power, his intelligence. It's not like the others were any better. Well, in my opinion, they're all pretty fucked up.

The business side of his darkness I can deal with. The relationship with his wife is quite strange, but intriguing. But murder? That, I don't think I can go past that. One side of me want him to get caught; for justice to prevail. The other side of me want him to figure out a way to cheat it.

It is a gripping show. Somewhat like Mad Men and Six Feet Under, in which pretty much all the characters are despicable, but I still can't stop watching. Who am I supposed to root for? I came into this expecting something similar to The West Wing. I got something a lot darker; still fascinating, although lacking the Sorkin witty dialogue. It has only taken me 2-3 days to go through the season, so a part of me is still trying to figure out how I feel about this show, but I'm out of episodes to watch and I want more. At the very least, I'm interested.