Sunday, September 2, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

Tonight's the night. It's finally back. I am disappointed in myself that I only managed to get up to halfway of season 3 in my rewatch; Buffy and Angel definitely got in the way of doing this more properly. But hey, it's back!!

New title sequence

I don't quite remember where we left off in season 6. I guess it's a good thing that this season opens with a completely new, unrelated story line. I was confused for most of the episode. Actually, I still don't quite understand what just happened.

So, the Daleks have an asylum, which is a planet, where they put all the dysfunctional, broken, crazy Daleks in. For some reason, it is now a danger to the Dalek race and they want to destroy the planet. They're too scared to do it themselves so they called for the help of the Doctor. Oh, and, by the way, Amy and Rory are (about to be?) divorced. I really don't know how we got here.

Also, I believe that that was Jenna-Louise Coleman, the next companion. She was a Dalek, the twist. I don't understand what her purpose was, though. And how was she able to control everything? I know she's a genius, but brains don't make Daleks have magic powers, do they?

All this is very confusing. It's almost like we were thrown to an alternate universe where everything is different. Now the Daleks don't even know who the Doctor is? At least Amy and Rory seem to be getting back together. But I still refuse to believe that they actually split up in the first place! I don't know, I'm just gonna watch the episode again; I feel like I've missed something that makes sense of it all. Next week's episode seems interesting, too. Dinosaurs in a space ship!