Friday, November 28, 2014

I can't seem to stop watching Sports Night

I'm currently at the beginning of season 2, and I believe that this is the third time through the show THIS MONTH. I just keep coming back to Sports Night when I have some free time.

The first (few) time(s) I've watched the show, I'm always more drawn to Peter Krause's Casey McCall. I think he's very cute and charming. And a little broken. He's also tall and handsome and has that deep voice that I find insanely attractive. Also, the frustrating will-they-won't-they romantic plot involving Casey and Dana Whitaker (Felicity Huffman) hooked me in.

However, having recently watched Josh Charles on The Good Wife (which I have yet to continue), and Dead Poets Society, means that this time around I'm more focused on Dan Rydell. Strangely, this is the first time it occurred to me that Dan might actually be the main character of the show, seeing as how Josh Charles gets first billing and Dan gets the more complicated storylines. I find him very endearing. Obviously, the Sorkin-monologue of Dan's apology was beautiful. I also started to appreciate the way Josh portrayed Dan. There's a subtlety and perfectly placed pauses that I had previously missed. Also, Josh Charles was damn cute back then!

Sports Night is such a good show. It's a shame that it only lasted 2 seasons. Ahead of its time is used often, and I'd have to agree, especially with ABC's use of laugh-track. I don't think they would have fought that hard on it if it were on today. But I think how short the show is also added to the many reasons why I often rewatch this show; it's a limited amount of half hour comedy, so it's very easy to quickly go through.

EW's reunion piece

"Entertainment Weekly" recently did a reunion issue, with the Sports Night cast one of the ones they wrote about. The idea of an actual reunion show/movie was brought up and some of the cast seem open to the idea of revisiting the show. Josh Charles seems to be the only one opposed to the idea; even though I understand his position, I was still quite disappointed. I really do want a Sports Night reunion. A movie maybe? Now that Aaron Sorkin is done with The Newsroom, surely he can do a Sports Night thing? Sorkin did mention a reboot of the show, with a new cast, and I would probably still watch it but it would be very wrong to not have Peter Krause and Josh Carles. I just want my Dan and Casey back!