Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Good Wife

I haven't really watched any new shows lately, and Agents of SHIELD is the only show I'm following every week. I became interested the The Good Wife because Josh Charles was on Sports Night, one of my favorite shows.

I didn't think I was going to watch this show, so I wasn't too careful about avoiding spoilers. I watched Charles' appearances on late night talk show, in which he talked about...what happened to his character. That, and Julianna Marguiles' Emmy win speech. I didn't think much of it, because I honestly thought I'd learned my lesson after Game of Thrones, to not get too attached to TV characters. I thought I was desensitized by character deaths. I guess I wasn't.

Back to the beginning. Alicia Florrick, wife of disgraced politician who had to go back to work as a lawyer after 14 years of being away, raising her children. 14 years is quite a long time to be away from a profession, and she found it quite difficult to find a job. In comes Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles. He and Alicia were friends when they were in Georgetown. At the beginning, it seemed like they were just close friends who lost touch after law school. But you know they would turn him into a love interest. And, just as expected, I fell in love with Will. Or at least I shipped their pairing. Does that make me the  predictable viewer? They keep dangling their potential relationship to keep me coming back to the show?

In any case, they ended up together, and they ended up breaking up. Again, as you would expected. These things never end well on TV. Honestly, I thought their breakup was the adult, smart thing to do. It was too much for her and she needed to put her children ahead of her own happiness. However, I thought their relationship could have been explored further. Of course, this is the thing that I hate. Or I hate that I love it so much. It's never a clean breakup. They're still hung up on each other, even years later. The thing is, Will has done nothing wrong, in my opinion. Sure he's taken the money but that was 15 years ago and he has done nothing wrong to the people around him. I feel like Alicia has been keeping him on a leash; reels him in, and shuts the door in front of his face, one too many times.

Season 5: Where it all ends

I honestly don't know Alicia's reason to stay with Peter. Then again, the title of the show is The Good Wife. Being the wife is part of who she is. It's good for Peter's political career, but I don't know what good it is for her. That's one of the reasons why I just want her to go back to Will. They were happy together. So what happened at the end of season 4 was devastating. She's really leaving Will this time (his firm, at least), and she's doing it behind his back while stealing his top clients. I'm currently still watching the beginning of season 5. I'm too scared to go on. Will is about to find out that Alicia is leaving and I don't know if I want to see how he'd react. I don't want Will to get his heart broken again.

What's worse is that in about 10 episodes or so, Will will be killed. With Game of Thrones, I avoid spoilers like the plague. Now, I don't know which is worse, getting your favorite killed off when you least expect it, or when you know it's coming. I'm doing the same thing as I did when I was watching the end of Daivd Tennant's run on Doctor Who. I can't watch Will die so I've stopped watching season 5 a few days ago. I don't know if I can continue, but I really want to know what happens. I honestly think that this might be worse, expecting his death. Maybe I should be careful about spoilers not because I like the unexpected, but because knowing hurts more.