Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Team LC!

Once again, I become attached to a couple that is doomed from the start. Although, to be honest, this one has a better chance of survival than my other favorites. I know it's not gonna work out; I know they're not gonna end up together; yet, for some unknown reason, I still get emotionally attached to Lorelai and Christopher. I've watched the show before so I know that they don't end up together. But I watch the show now wishing that they would. It's stupid and I know it would only lead to disappointment when Lorelai finally end up with Luke, but I can't help myself.

This is very similar to my obsession with Josh and Amy (The West Wing). I knew that Josh would end up with Donna, and that Josh and Amy would never work things out between them; but I still dreamed. Just like Josh and Amy, I think Christopher is a better match for Lorelai, and he definitely can go toe to toe with her verbally. I love the always flirtatious banter and the chemistry between them. And, just like Josh and Amy, there's a lack of good, completed Lorelai and Christopher fanfictions out there. It all leads to further disappointments. I'm actually currently pausing watching the show to hunt for fanfictions.

A mildly interesting coincidence: Lauren Graham's character in both Gilmore Girls and Parenthood dated her teenage daughter's high school English teacher.