Friday, January 18, 2013

I can't help it

A few weeks ago, Netflix made all seasons of The West Wing available for streaming. Not only was it available, it keeps being pushed towards me; both through /r/NetflixBestOf, and Netflix's many lists of recommendations. My lack of self-control means that I caved in and rewatched the show again. Yes, I'm really blaming Netflix this time.

I absolutely loved watching the earlier episodes again; especially seeing CJ being nervous and not nearly as experienced as I remember her to be, when going in to the press briefing room. I've missed the dynamic of the team very much. And I've definitely missed the friendship between Josh and Sam, and CJ and Toby by extension.

The more episodes I watch, the sadder I get because I know Sam Seaborn is leaving. Moreover, not too long after Sam's farewell, Amy Gardner would soon join him in leaving the show. Those two are my favorite characters after Josh Lyman and the show is just not the same without them; yes, even though Amy was never really a regular on the show. I really wanted Josh to end up with Amy; I thought she was more of a match to him than Donna ever was. Sure, Josh and Donna shared some cute banters, but they're far from the scope and level of Josh/Amy banters. This blog post takes the words out of my mouth, and then polished them and expressed my points more clearly. I honestly can't believe that there are so many Amy-haters out there. What's not to love about her? I understand that most people shipped Josh and Donna since the beginning of the show, and to have this very attractive woman come in and steal the man can be aggravating, but how could they not see how perfect Josh and Amy are? Okay... Taking my shipper hat off now...

My West Wing Wish List

This morning, I came across this Reddit thread on what people would want to see if the show had continued past season 7. According to the top comments, people prefer Vinick to Santos as POTUS, and I definitely agree. It would be both more believable and more interesting.

But, the comment that caught my attention was this one:

I've talked about this before. Sam was supposed to be a future president, and of course Josh would run his campaign and be his Chief of Staff. CJ as Vice President is a good shout; it would be nice to see the two offices working together closely, unlike Bartlet-Hoynes. I agree that three two-term Democratic Presidencies is very unlikely, therefore I support the idea that Santos doesn't get reelected, and a two-term Republican held the office after he. The show picks up 12 years later, and it's Sam's inauguration. The episode could start off similar to this.

Side note: There aren't nearly enough Josh/Amy fanfictions. Do people really hate her that much?

Headcanon, Josh and Amy never broke up; Josh and Donna never happened. Josh is Sam's CoS, and Amy can be the First Lady's CoS. It would be interesting if Sam isn't married yet, but maybe it would be too similar to The American President, Aaron Sorkin's movie that inspired The West Wing. If not the First Lady's CoS, Amy can be...whatever job she was offered to by Santos around the end of the show. I just want Amy to be working quite closely to the White House so we get to see her often. I like to believe that Josh and Amy are able to work out their differences and figure out a way to talk to each other about work without breaking up.

Anyways, I'm going to try to not watch the show, because I really don't want to watch Sam and/or Amy leaving. I'm probably going to watch Sports Night instead.