Sunday, April 7, 2013

I hate that they're making him the bad guy

As I have previously mentioned, I am team Christopher. I am currently halfway through season 5 of the show, and I'm hating it. And not just because Lorelai is with Luke.

My heart insists that the end of "I Can't Get Started," the season 2 finale, did not happen. Sherri did not get pregnant, Chris and Lorelai got together, and they lived happily ever after. I honestly believe that they would have made it if that was the case. They were at the right place and at the right time to be together. They understood each other very well, and it just feels like they're right for each other; they have that special connection, more than just Rory's existence, that can't be replicated with other people. (I'm a shipper; sue me). Christopher can keep up with Lorelai, while Luke only lets her be. I always thought that Luke and Lorelai were meant to be friends. He had been pining for her for years, and I just never believe that that's a good start for a relationship. Or maybe I just think David Sutcliffe is way hotter so I just want to see him on the show a lot more than he actually was.

In any case, I hate what the writers have done with him in season 5. It seemed that his relationship with the Gilmore girls was going back to normal, and then they had to bring him in as the devil who wants to break up Luke and Lorelai. Yes, I think Luke and Lorelai should break up and she should end up with Christopher, but I always hate it if a guy tries to end the girl's current relationship. It's just wrong. And now he's the bad guy and I just hate it.

I already had to go through the entirety of season 4 without Christopher, and now I have to wait until about halfway through season 6 for his next appearance. I'm full of anger and disappointment at this moment so there's a good chance I'd be fast forwarding through most of the next ~20 episodes until the happy Lorelai-Christopher reunion.

I hate that I get emotionally invested in these fake people.