Monday, September 3, 2012

The Dark Avenger

To get the timeline right, I'm watching Buffy and Angel simultaneously (i.e. watch one episode of Buffy followed by one episode of Angel, and so forth). I know that there won't be much crossover –– I've checked a few fansites –– but I, stupidly, still hold hope. I just think they could make it work, somehow.

I'm about 3/4 through Angel's first season now and I am liking this show a bit more than Buffy. It might be because I like looking at David Boreanaz more than looking at Sarah Michelle Gellar. Obviously, the tall dark handsome hunk of mystery got my attention, so I was waiting for Angel to have a bigger part in Buffy. Getting his own show allows him more screen time (duh!) and more character growth. I am excited to learn more about Angel(us) –– both good and evil.

The more I learn about Angel's character, the more charming and adorable I find him to be –– or maybe it's just the more I see him on my screen instead of the whole character thing. I even think he's cute, which is strange because a brooding, skulking, and pining vampire probably shouldn't be cute. But he is. Sometimes, his adorableness almost makes me forget about his darkness. And I definitely enjoy the glimpses of Angelus. Less brooding and a whole lot more fun. But, you know, Angel-with-a-soul looks like he could use a hug, and I really want to give him one.

I Will Remember You

Definitely the episode that stood out for me. It shows how big a person/vampire Angel is. He gave up his chance to happiness so that Buffy would have a chance of living longer. And she doesn't even know; she doesn't even remember what they could have had. That's always the worst part, not being allowed to remember. It's why out of the Doctor's companions in the new Doctor Who, Donna's goodbye was the saddest (might be beaten by Amy/Rory's later this season though). She doesn't know what he's done and he has to be the one –– the only one –– who remembers the day they've had. Yes, if Angel turns back into a human, there will be no Angel show and even then, life with a vampire slayer would be very complicated. But that was his one chance of happiness, and he gave it away.

While we're on the subject, that one moment of true happiness that turns Angel evil, is that only with Buffy? Making love instead of just having sex kind of thing? Well, it's definitely headcanon for me. But drugs work though, so I guess whenever he finds bliss he'd lose his soul.

I don't understand Angel. I don't understand how he could be this strong. He chooses the pain instead of giving up, get that moment of true happiness, and just forget about all his grief.

Side note: Angel spent 100 years (I believe) in hell, so shouldn't he be ~345 years old now? He still says two hundred something instead of three hundred. I'm not much for trivial details but this one bothers me.