Friday, March 25, 2016

I want to believe...?

I became interested in watching The X-Files because of all the hype of its revival earlier this year. I didn't know anything about the show, except that people seem to really love it. And they really, really love the two main characters.

First thing's first –– let's get the fangirling out of the way –– David Duchovny in the early seasons was really, really cute. Seriously, I think I watched 2-3 seasons without knowing whether I actually like the show; I was distracted by his attractiveness. It probably helps that his character, Fox Mulder, has a very dry sense of humor and is very smart. I really like the way he speaks. Dana Scully, too! Speaking of, season 1 Scully looked so young, I was quite surprised that Gillian Anderson was actually my age when she started The X-Files. Although, I don't know if I was surprised because she looked younger or I thought she would have been older...

Anyways, back to the show itself.

I... I honestly don't know how much I liked the show if at all. It's definitely enjoyable, at least most parts of it. There are quite a few episodes that are just plain bad, but that's expected from 10 seasons and 2 movies of content. They can't all be perfect! I guess the thing that attracted me the most is definitely Mulder and Scully's relationship. I don't necessarily want them to get together (although, sometimes, I mean... come on you two!), but I adore the trust and respect between them. And, especially, the wit and rapport.

I watched *a lot* of episodes within a relatively short period of time, more often than not I'm half-watching while doing something else. So, I'm not gonna say that I understand everything that happened throughout the show. But I think, story-wise, it was a bit too much for me. There are just too many questions left unanswered, which I guess is kinda the point of the show? I mean, 10 seasons and 2 movies later, I have no freaking clue what happened to Mulder's sister. There seemed to be 3 different explanations for her disappearance but none confirmed to be true. What is that thing that cured Scully's cancer and what happened that made her immortal (or if she even really is)? What happened to all the aliens?!

Well, I barely watched seasons 8 and 9 so if they answered those questions then, my bad. But what's the point of The X-Files without Mulder and Scully? I was getting somewhat bored of the show somewhere between seasons 6 and 7; it kinda seemed like the actors did, too. I definitely prefer the monster-of-the-week format. Most of the funnier episodes, in my opinion, are standalone ones. Maybe that's another reason why I don't have the answers; I wasn't really focusing when it's about the series long story arcs.

Season 10 was kinda fun. Not amazing, but wasn't terrible. I'd think that if I was a fan from back in the day, it would have been pretty damn enjoyable. It ended with a pretty big cliffhanger so they better do a season 11.