Sunday, August 17, 2014

I'll miss House very much

House was one of those shows that I watched, loved, followed, and...stopped when there was a handful of episodes left; therefore, I didn't know how it ended (still on that list: Dexter, Chuck, and How I Met Your Mother). Well, I finally did it. Started rewatching everything, from season 1, a few weeks ago, and I watched the series finale last night. And, I have to say, it's still good. Not sure what made me stop watching back then.

Going back a little further, to my first experience with House. It was almost May 2009, about 2 weeks before my sophomore year finals week. No more homework, no more projects, barely any lecture, and plenty of time to study. Obviously I went looking for a new TV show to watch instead. I distinctly remember eating dinner at my desk with the pilot episode playing on my old MacBook. I had to stop eating when Chase did the first tracheotomy. I didn't expect that; I thought it was just a funny drama with lots of talking. Within 8 days, I've watched almost all 5 seasons available at the time. I was definitely obsessed. I fell in love with Dr. Gregory House, and with Hugh Laurie.

In any case, back to my recent watch. I know I followed the show until a few episodes into season 8, but all I remember is the season 7 finale where House crashed the car into Cuddy's house. Season 8 (or at least its first half) took me a bit longer to get through than the other 7 seasons. I think it's because I love House's first team, I really like his second team, and I honestly don't care about the new people after that. So I cared less about the patient-of-the-week part of the show, and just focused on the characters –– the ones that I care about like House, Wilson, and Chase. The fact that the replaced Thirteen with Adams is highly disappointing; Adams is just boring especially compared to Thirteen.

The best parts of the show, in my opinion, is when we try to figure out House himself. And the way he thinks. The episodes where he's in the mental institution, or at therapy, or when he's hallucinating, are the most entertaining. Oh, and clinic hours. He's funniest when forced to treat idiots.

The Ending

I think a part of why I stopped watching was because I was afraid that the ending would be disappointing. This has happened with so many shows, and I don't want the journey to end on a bad note, because that's what I would remember from then on. So, I'm happy to say, that House's ending is not a disappointment (which I probably won't be able to say for the other shows I've listed at the beginning of this post). To be honest, once Wilson's cancer came to light, I stopped caring about anything other than House and Wilson. I would have been happy if the last few episodes (or at least one of the last episodes) were just the two of them.

Thirteen, Cameron, Stacy, Kutner, and Amber showing up was great. I was very disappointed that Cuddy didn't even make a small cameo in the finale. Not sure what happened to Lisa Edelstein; it might not have ended well between her and the show. Cuddy's disappearance was quite sudden and the show seemed to move on from her quite quickly. But of House's romantic relationships, I liked him and Stacy the most. I really believed that they would have worked. Maybe not forever, like House said, but at least for a little bit. I liked Stacy and would have liked to see more of her on the show.

The ending itself, I really thought House was going to die. Of course he didn't. Faking his death (although not exactly planned) is a very Holmes thing to do. It's sweet that House and Wilson get to spend the five months together, but I would have been satisfied if House had died in the finale.

Post-Wilson House

What is more intriguing is what would happen to House after Wilson had died? House is technically dead, too. Would he come clean and go to jail? Would he then be able to go back to medicine? Or would House finally try to change and become a new person? What will he do? Finally do that research on dark matter? (Side note: I'm interested in Astronomy because of the mystery of dark matter too. It somehow pleased me when House mentioned it.) As much as it interests me to see what House would be like after Wilson, I don't know if I want an episode to explore that. House without Wilson is just too sad!

Another reason why House will always have a special place in my heart is because this is the thing that brought me to Sherlock Holmes. After falling in love with the show the first time, I found out that House is based on Sherlock Holmes. It nudged me towards the Conan Doyle stories, the Robert Downey Jr movies, and BBC's Sherlock. Not only was House a good show, it also brought me to other wonderful things.