Monday, April 21, 2014

Alias rewatch notes

I'm about halfway through season one, and these are my main thoughts:
  1. Zoe what are you doing?! Although, head canon, since SD-6 is technically the bad guys, I would say that K Directorates aren't all that bad. Well, sure they are, but whatever. After quitting, Anna Espinosa assumes a new identity, becomes Zoe (what's her maiden name, anyway?) and then joined up with Captain Mal.
  2. Sydney and Vaughn, just get together already!
  3. Sydney's many accusations against her father: I get that she doesn't know him well, so she has daddy issues, but a spy as skilled as she, I would expect, wouldn't jump to conclusions that quickly in regards of her father. Although, to be fair, I don't think I liked him the first time I watched Alias.
  4. Will, stop it! Just stop! :(