Monday, February 17, 2014

House of Cards: Chapter 14

Warning: Chapter 14 spoilers (obviously!)

A few days late, but I'm finally able to watch House of Cards season 2.

I mean, did that really happen? At first I thought it was just a scene where Frank *imagines* what it would be like. I mean, he can't kill Zoe Barnes, right? But then again... I didn't think he would actually kill anyone up to a few episodes ago. This murder almost feels like Joss Whedon putting Amber Benson on the credits before killing off Tara. Is Kate Mara going to be taken off the credits? But, damn, this is the second person Frank Underwood has killed now, with his own hands! I could probably understand it more if he had sent someone, That's all I can say, really.

Now that I've got the important part episode 1 out of the way, can we talk about the ribs? I need someone to deliver to me a box of those ribs. My dad bought ribs that I'm having for dinner, because that's what you do when you watch House of Cards, but I bet the ribs Frank get are way better than this. Seriously, I *need* those ribs.

Okay, back to my binge watching...

PS: Love the "F U" cuff links shown at the end.