Thursday, October 24, 2013

That '70s Show

It started with their little reunion. The six main cast members got together and posted a picture. So, the next logical step: search for it on Netflix and just start watching.

I know I've watched this show before. A long time ago. I'm thinking somewhere around middle school. And I did *not* get their circle scenes; I thought they were just being stupid, sitting around saying crazy stuff, like friends do. Now that I do, I love the circle.

I'm going through this show so quickly! Before I knew it, I'm almost done with season 7! I mean, it's a half hour sitcom so it's pretty to watch. Or just leave on in the background.

What's weird is, when I was at around season 3, I started thinking to myself if I wanted to watch the rest of it; they're just high school kids doing...nothing. And the stories are getting a bit boring. Eric started to annoy the hell out of me, and I think Eric and Donna are a boring couple. Fez was hilarious at first, but he lacked character development; although I do enjoy puns. Jackie was annoying as hell in the first season, but I kinda like her after a while. Hyde is that mysterious guy that I can never decide if I liked him or hated him; I think Jackie felt the same way in the last few seasons. Also, he kinda reminds me of Kimi Räikkönen with the monosyllabic, dry sense of humor, and wearing shades all the time. Now I know how to answer those people who just can't seem to understand Räikkönen's charm. But I digress... The main reason I'm still watching the show: Michael Kelso. I know he's irritably dumb and disappointingly didn't grow throughout the show, but damn Ashton Kutcher is

As I mentioned, I've been watching the show even though I keep saying that I should probably just stop, about 4 seasons ago. But I'm pretty sure I'm *really* gonna stop after season 7. I mean, with Eric and Kelso leaving, what's the point?! I'll probably watch the few episodes Kutcher is in, including the finale. Just to know how it ended. I honestly don't know why I'm still watching (other than pretty boy over there).