Sunday, March 31, 2013

Supernatural Saturday

Every Saturday is now Supernatural Saturday on BBC America. Yesterday, it started with a new episode of Doctor Who, followed by the premiere of new series Orphan Black, and ended with a new season of The Nerdist. I skipped Orphan Black because I was in the middle of watching Gilmore Girls. But I'm going to check it out if the reviews are good. I mean, it's in the middle of Doctor Who and The Nerdist; might as well, right?

Doctor Who

It's been way too long since I last watched Doctor Who that even the theme song excited me. I thought "The Bells of St John" was okay. I didn't like the unrealistic and misrepresentation of hacking throughout the episode (the fastest typers are the best hackers), but I shouldn't have expected it on a show like this. Plus, I think it's incredibly dumb that all the employees post where they were. If you're working for a super evil corporation, you might want to be a little more discreet. I understand the want/need to be accessible through social media, but you don't need to tell them where you are all the time. Or, you could lie or something!

Although, I like that the book was by Amelia Williams. And that they're going to release the actual book on Thursday ("Stay tuned" according to the show's Facebook page). BUT, I'm a bit weary of the conversation between Clara and the kid who was reading chapter 10: "Eleven is the best; you'll cry your eyes out." First of all, Tennant is obviously the best; second of all, I don't want to cry my eyes out, Moffat!

There's a theory floating around Reddit (and I'm assuming the rest of the internet) about the number 23. It was one of the years skipped on Clara's age written on the book, and one of the Claras was born on November 23rd. The theory is that the 50th anniversary special would be aired on November 23rd this year, so I'll keep an eye on "23" the rest of the season. Speaking of the 50th anniversary...

I am so freaking excited! I cannot wait to see David Tennant back in that suit with Rose. My current theory is that it would be the half-human, half-Timelord 10th Doctor, which is why Rose would be with him. I don't know how they would cross to this universe and what apocalypse would be happening for that to be necessary, but I really can't wait for the banter between Tennant and Smith. I've always thought 10.2 would be the perfect way to bring Tennant back for the special; I thought it would be cool if 10.2 and Rose somehow crossed to this universe and saw 11 and Clara, and observed them from afar debating whether he's the next regeneration.

The Nerdist

It was great; I love seeing the guys on TV. And Dom is hot! I love how he dropped the "I'm a big Man United fan" barely 10 minutes into the show. The robo Matt Smith was very strange, although it was quite cool, but it made me uncomfortable. And I basically skipped through the other guest (who's on Orphan Black) and the standup comedian at the end. Overall, it was a pretty good episode, but I cannot stand the fake/forced laughter! It's too obvious and too much. I just hope they tone it down in the next episode.