Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re-watching old favorites

I came across a GIF of a scene from Gilmore Girls on Reddit yesterday, and I immediately looked for a way to watch the show. It's not on Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video, so I had to resort to less legitimate ways. And that means I had to wait until I was able to watch the episodes. First world problem: waiting for something to download is such an inconvenience!

In any case, I managed to watch the pilot episode and I got insanely excited! I've missed them so much. And it's quite strange seeing them; the last time I've seen the two Gilmore girls were on Parenthood and Mad Men.

I only managed to watch one episode because then The Voice was on (started watching again because I was curious about Shakira and Usher), followed by Go On. And, on Go On, it's the episode where Courteney Cox guest stars! She and Matthew Perry were hilarious and just perfect together. And that made me miss Chandler and Monica, and just Friends in general. I haven't started watching it yet, but these two shows will be my next few weeks, I think. Along with Battlestar Galactica that I think is getting more and more interesting.