Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Really?! Still?!

[Spoiler for the episode "Lobster Crawl"]

WHY?! Why are they *still* not together?! What's the point, at this stage? We know they're gonna end up together; why not start now?

I was gonna write this post after last week's episode, "Twelve Horny Women," but after reading the synopsis for this week's episode, I scraped my draft. I honestly thought that this would be it. Seems that the writers want to keep them apart a little bit longer.

But why?! I mean... we've seen quite a lot of (little) Barney-Robin developments on How I Met Your Mother these last few episodes. I was quite excited when they broke Barney and Quinn up pretty early in the season. But then, Robin still had Nick. Barney had to give that speech, and the episode ended with the almost kiss. And then the drunken make out. Then, Barney's "I'm done" speech (Barney's really good at these speeches, isn't he?). Yet, even after Robin's realization that she still wants him -- actually wants him instead of just "one last time" like she told Lily -- and throwing herself at him, they're somehow still not together. Now I'm thinking that they're gonna keep them apart until the hour-long Christmas episode! Last year's Christmas episode, "Symphony of Illumination," was a pretty big episode for Barney and Robin. This season's Christmas episode would air on December 17th, which means we might have yet another episode of them dancing around it. Maybe about Barney's thing with Patrice, whatever that is. It's a play, right? This is probably just Barney's secret page out of his Playbook. It has to be.

[I realized that I could probably go to Wikipedia or IMDB or other websites to find the titles and/or synopses for the upcoming episodes and figure it out but I'm trying to stay away from spoilers (even the littlest of them)]

Season 9?

A few episodes in to season 8, I couldn't make up my mind whether I'd want to see a season 9 of  the show. I thought the jokes were getting lazier and they were just recycling old stories. But now that we're getting closer to the halfway point, I kinda do. The season seems to be getting better and hopefully it would keep on getting better til the end of the season. There were rumors saying that Jason Segel wants out of the show after this season, and I do think it's just that -- rumors, but if it's true then they should definitely end the show. But I think a season 9 -- maybe a short order season 9 -- would be ideal. Give the writers time to wrap up the stories. I don't want them to find out that, yes, this would be the last season, and spend the last few episodes rushing to tie up loose ends.