Friday, October 19, 2012

Why does NBC hate Human Beings?

I know this is old news that Community's season premier is postponed, and that us fans have been quite sad for a while now, but I'm watching Joel McHale on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he mentioned it again and I got sad, again. Especially because today is the supposed premier date!

Well, McHale came on Kimmel's show, originally, to promote the season premier. Of course, he handled the postponement really well. I just love the guy: "Our Halloween episode would be awesome in February!" Instead, he jokingly promoted Revolution, the new NBC show that I'm planning to watch; according to Joel, it's awesome because it's the apocalypse, "but everyone looks awesome."

Back to Community itself and why I love the cast: Joel mentioned that they shot a little sketch (about a minute long) that will be tweeted today, by the cast. Hey, if NBC wouldn't promote the show, why shouldn't they do it themselves? I know they said that postponing the show is good, and that NBC would actually promote it when it finally gets back, but I really wouldn't believe them until I see it.