Wednesday, October 17, 2012 she in?

Last season wasn't the best; I think after a few episodes it was very obvious where the season was going. I have to say, even though I expected that what happened at the cliffhanger of last season's finale would happen, it did still surprise me a little bit. But, all in all, season 6 as a whole wasn't that exciting. Season 7, however, has been intense so far. The first 3 episodes are focused on Dexter and Debra, as they should. I love both of them so much, and I'm interested in seeing how this revelation would change their relationship.

I'm enjoying how Deb reacts to her finding out. Of course she would try to help Dexter. I watched the first two episodes in one go so they're pretty much blurred together. The reactions seemed honest, with Dexter trying to lie his way out (even bringing up Rita's death) and Debra unable to process her thoughts/feelings. It felt true, her wanting to help Dexter cover it up, setting the church ablaze. Following that, Debra forcing Dexter to live with him so she could monitor him at all times was also believable. Strangely, I sided with Dexter the whole time; I know Deb means well and Dex is a serial killer, but you can't just imprison him!

"Buck the System" (s7e03), to me, is the one episode that just sucks me in. I'm glad they finally killed Louis off; he's been nothing but annoying since he came on. We finally meet Yvonne Strahovski's character and I think she has a great potential to be someone really interesting. Debra finally "gets it" and, even though she still thinks it's wrong, finally lets Dexter back out. It was also great to see Dexter, unable to feed his Dark Passenger, was very close to breaking. I know that what satisfies him is the hunt, the ritual, and the killing; but, maybe, Deb can hope, that he can be satisfied with just the hunt and the ritual, and then calling Deb instead of killing his victims. It *might* work, but hopefully in a better, smarter way than I just explained. Or, maybe, she'd let him do his thing now that she understands it.

In any case, this season looks promising; I really hope they don't go the route they took last season and make everything too obvious.