Monday, July 30, 2012

I want a Castle-HIMYM crossover

I've been re-watching Castle and I keep thinking of how awesome it would be if they crossover to the How I Met Your Mother universe. They're both set in New York City, so it's really not difficult to imagine the two shows collide (if we ignore the fact that they're on different networks). More importantly, I want Richard Castle and Barney Stinson to meet. I think they can either get along really well with, or just absolutely hate, each other.

I couldn't help but notice how similar Castle and Barney are. They're both quite childish and refusing to grow up. They're both wealthy playboys in the beginning of the series, now ready to settle down. They both subscribe to SkyMall! And, they can play laser tag together.

The plot can be about a murder; its investigation takes Castle and Beckett to MacLaren's bar. There, they meet the HIMYM gang. Then, Barney's shady job leads him to be suspect in the case and to the 12th Precinct. Since both shows are on Monday nights, they can air a crossover episode for each show on the same night. And they end up at The Old Haunt after Barney's cleared, because I just want to see that place again after Castle bought it.

Or, I can always search for crossover fanfictions. I'm sure this exists somewhere! (Or I could write one)