Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Firefly re-watch

In anticipation of Firefly's 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, I've decided to re-watch the show. Strangely, seeing how much I'm attached to the characters, I don't think I've watched this show too many times. With only 14 episodes and a movie, there are a few episodes that I don't quite remember. The thing about this show is that there's no weak episode; it's always either "I love this episode!" or "This is one of my favorites, for sure!"

Firefly is, I believe, the show that made me realize that I might actually like sci-fi. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of sci-fi before I watched this show, until someone recommended the series, knowing that I didn't watch sci-fi, but insisted that I would love the show. And she was definitely right. I always feel like I owe her for introducing me to Firefly (in turn, I introduced her to Chuck, Castle, and Sherlock, among others). But then again, it also means she exposed me to this sadness and void that its cancelation has provided.

The thing that draws me to Firefly is the fact that it seems so grounded. It's a post-apocalyptic western instead of a sci-fi, some might say. It's much more relatable and focused on its characters instead of being so out there like a lot of space-based shows tend to be.

I absolutely hate the fact that we'll never learn more about Malcolm Reynolds (at least not on TV; comic books seem quite likely) and that we'll never see Mal and Inara finally getting together. I would have loved to see more of River being awesome and not crazy. As much as I hate seeing anyone replace Wash, I want to see exactly what River is capable of. And I really want to know more about Blue Sun or what they did to River. There are so many stories in the 'verse left untold (one of which was written but never shot).

I'm in love with the Serenity crew all over again; and I'm once again heartbroken that there's no more. And yes, I'm going to YouTube and watch all their panels and interviews and just...them. That's another reason why I really love the show, the fact that everyone involved absolutely love the work and each other.

I don't know if Firefly would be this strong had it run longer, or if it became famous because this is a show –– a very good one –– that was horribly screwed by the studio. But I'm extremely grateful that it exists. And hey, maybe all these unresolved things will fuel my next fanfictions!