Monday, May 14, 2012

On Community's move to Fridays

I mean, I'm glad that NBC made the right decision to bring it back, although it's for a short-order season, and I know that they maintain that moving the show to Fridays is a good thing, but it's called the death slot for a reason! Not only that, they get Whitney as a lead in.

NBC insisted that the move isn't a bad sign, because they believe that Community has dedicated fans who would follow them wherever they go. We would, but it doesn't mean that we like this decision. Moreover, they say that they made the decision because they wanted to revamp their Fridays, and that Community would bring more viewers to Grimm. Really, Whitney, followed by Community, followed by Grimm? Don't quite see how that would work.

NBC hasn't been doing well, ratings-wise, but I thought their Thursday night comedy line-up was great, with Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. Why would they mess that up?!

The way I see it, NBC uses the Friday night slot to basically say: you probably won't be here next season. I understand that the short 13-episode order can be extended to a full season, and I really hope that happens. But with this being the fourth season, which means the gang is graduating (right?), NBC might plan to end the show with the graduation, at the end of next season.

My beloved show that last year was moved to Fridays? Chuck. Not looking good for The Greendale Seven.


Even more bad news for Community: rumor is either creator/show-runner Dan Harmon, or cast-member Chevy Chase, or maybe even both, would be leaving the show. That would be...stupid. I can't imagine the show without Harmon! And although I'm not the biggest fan of Chevy's character Pierce Hawthorne, it wouldn't be the same without him. At first, I thought it was just the media playing it up, after that infamous feud between the two; I was convinced that it would go away instantly, instead it caught fire and became hotter still. Just the things that I've read/heard haven't been particularly calming.

All I can do for now is hope. Hope that everyone stays. Hope that NBC isn't stupid enough to pull the plug too soon. Hope that they get the back 9 order. Hope that we get our six seasons and a movie. Or twelve seasons and a theme park.