Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Only Light in the Darkness

This is it; the episode in which we finally meet Coulson's cellist. It has been almost 2 years to the date since she was first mentioned on The Avengers, and now she gets a name an a face: Audrey Nathan played by Amy Acker.

Picking up at the end of the previous episode, Ward is back with the team receiving treatment from Garrett's "attacks" on him. He mentions that he killed Garrett, but that all prisoners from The Fridge have been freed by Hydra. Coulson's attention goes straight to Marcus Daniels, aka Blackout, who was one of the prisoners freed.

We first meet Blackout at the beginning of this episode. I love radio playing in the background. It had the news on, with a political debate on what's going on in their world. "If my party was in charge, we wouldn't *be* in this situation!" and "We cannot Hydra rise again" are the standout lines, IMO. Apparently, according to Coulson, Daniels is obsessed with a woman, Audrey Nathan, and they have to keep him away from her. The team later learns that Audrey is Coulson's cellist.

My favorite scene is definitely Koenig's lie detector interrogation scene. He finally gets to give out the lanyards! It really shows the differences of the team's characters. The fact that Fitz answers the box question with "Simmons," while Simmons answers "The TARDIS," is both adorable and sad. Of course Simmons is a Whovian; I bet Fitz is, too! Fitz's jealousy is cute; trying to show off his intelligence but falters when he finds out that Triplett is actually pretty damn smart, too.

But then it turned into the scene that doesn't sit well with me. I mean, do lie detector tests actually work? TV shows and movies seem to think that it's not that difficult to fake. Even this one, specially built by Fury. I understand that Ward was in pain and that screws with the baseline reading, especially added with the sharp object in his thumb thing. And he did cleverly pick answers that aren't outright lies, just evade the questions. But, Koenig! You had him so many times, why would you keep giving him chances?

Of course the lanyards have a tracking device planted in them so Koenig has a Marauder's Map of the team around the base.

Coulson split up his team; he, along with Simmons, Fitz, and Triplett are going to protect Audrey, while May, Skye, and Ward are left at the base with Koenig. May, feeling unwanted by Coulson, decides that's it's her time to leave the team. You can see how glad Ward is by that; one less obstacle in his way –– the one that can actually cause him trouble there.

Skye and Koenig decide that they should hack NSA's satellite feed of The Fridge to figure out who were there and who escaped. Of course, it only takes Skye an hour to do that. I mean, that's why she's an 084 right? That's her special power? Because otherwise it doesn't make sense. Anyways... basically Ward gets nervous they'd see him, so he kills Koenig. HE KILLED KOENIG!! Screw you Ward! You didn't have to kill him! Well, I guess he did, but still! It's Patton Oswalt!! :( But I am glad that Ward is really Hydra and not just confused of his allegiance.

Skye finding out about Ward finally redeems her character! All this time, a lot of people assume that she's the damsel in distress and that Ward is the hero that's going to save her. But the writers turned it around on us and the two characters are actually only *playing* the damsel in distress and hero, when they're actually trying to trick each other. I can't wait for the next episode to find out how good Skye really is. She *is* smart, taught herself to be the hacker that she is. I want to see him go toe to toe with one of SHIELD's best agents.

Back to Coulson saving Audrey, they used a tech created by Bruce Banner (one of the many name drops in this episode) to destroy Blackout, and save Audrey. I really thought they were gonna kill her off! It's heart breaking to see Coulson just watching from a distance instead of talking to her, let her know he's alive. I really hope this means Audrey can be back in future episodes. Always love Amy Acker!

The tag of this episode is absolutely adorable too. It shows May getting picked up by a car... driven by her mother! Melinda May was getting scolded by her mother. Interestingly, Mama May mentions that her agency wasn't infiltrated, which brings up the question: what agency? I guess badassery runs in the May family. They reveal that May asked her mom to find Maria Hill, who we will see in the next episode.

This is a few episodes in a row now that I don't want the episode to end. Well done, Marvel!