Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mixing fanfictions with actual episodes

I'm watching all of Buffy and Angel again (of course), and it surprises me, saddens me, and worries me, that I've mixed up things I've read on a fanfiction as actual canon. The fanfiction is a parallel universe version, where Angel doesn't leave Sunnydale and stays with Buffy. The thing is, my memory of the fanfiction is so vivid, that I honestly thought it was an actual episode. I could recall some of the scenes and dialogue. The fake-episode that I remembered most was the parallel universe version of the Halloween episode "Fear, Itself" from season 4. I could have sworn that there's a Buffy Halloween episode in which Angel used his vamp-face as a fake costume. It would have been this episode; Angel was there with them and helped them fight. Alas, it was all a fake. A very good fake, as it stuck with me after all this time. It just bothers me because there are some very nice scenes in the fic that I would have loved to see in the show. And I was actually expecting it until I made this realization!


The last episode I watched was "Hush." It's such an amazing episode that I got excited seeing its title being next on my list. The Gentlemen always give me the creeps, but it's the good, thrilling kind of creeps. The way they gracefully float around, always well-dressed, and how they're always smiling that freaky smile.

And I am even more excited when I found out that the episode after "Hush" would be Angel's "Parting Gifts," which is Wesley's first appearance in the show. Alexis Denisof is the main reason I'm doing this rewatch, and I'm just so excited that I'm watching the start of Wesley's journey to extreme badassery!