Friday, May 17, 2013

Something Old, Something New

I refrained myself from writing a blog post last week because I thought I'd just wait a week for the conclusion before forming opinions. For some reason, forming opinions is a pretty big thing for me and I find it exhausting. So I waited (or procrastinated, whichever word you prefer).

"Something Old" was an okay episode. Except for the ending. Well, a little bit more than just the ending. I didn't like that they made Barney an insensitive fiancé when we had been shown, numerous times, that Barney is actually a very caring friend. The fact that he completely disregarded Robin's call was...disappointing. And, they had to top it off with Ted showing up all Ted-like. Seriously, we're not over this? I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and decided against going on a long rant about the whole "Ted and Robin, maybe?" thing. Maybe they didn't mean it the way I thought they did, the hand holding thing.

Unfortunately, they confirmed it in "Something New" that Ted still has a part of him thinking that Robin could be the love of his life. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME TED?! How long has it been? How many times have we been over this? And we're still not done yet? But, most significantly, it cheapens "The Robin" in which one of the steps was for Ted to tell Robin that Barney was getting engaged (to Patrice) because that meant that Ted was over Robin. Well, what now? That was nothing? I just... I thought it was over.

There's a theory that the titles "Something Old" and "Something New" refer to Ted's love life -- to Robin and the mother, specifically. SPOILER ALERT! They showed the mother at the end of "Something New" so the theory makes a lot of sense and hopefully right. I don't know if I can handle season 9 starting with Ted still hung up on Robin marrying Barney.

It actually surprised me how many fans care so much about what the mother looks like. I mean, just the appearance of her. I don't get it. I honestly don't get it. What she looks like is THAT important?Someone argued that what she looked like IS important, because the show itself has been teasing us with it all: the leg, the arm, the yellow umbrella covering her face, etc. Well, none of those interested me back then either. Then again, to me, HIMYM has really been The Barney Show since But seriously, someone tell me why seeing her face is so damn significant?

The longest wedding weekend ever?

As always, it started as rumors floating around, and I was kinda amused by the idea. Season 8 (and the previous seasons) was basically this big build-up towards Barney and Robin's wedding. It's also the wedding at which Ted would meet the mother. This is probably the biggest event in the show's history. Well, it should be the end of the show, considering meeting the mother is the ultimate finish line for this show. So I was a bit worried when the season 8 finale wasn't actually about the wedding. It's like they're trying to stretch the show out just to have a season 9 -- which is probably true. But...seriously?! I am...intrigued...if we wanna be a half glass full kind of person. Don't fuck this up, writers/producers/cast/whoever else is in charge! I'm guessing there will be A LOT of flashbacks, because stretching a weekend into 24 episodes just doesn't seem doable.

I'm definitely excited to see this though:
I mean, whatever that is. Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky's wedding would be freaking awesome, and appropriately so.

In any case, I really hope Cobie Smulders joins SHIELD after How I Met Your Mother ends!