Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pickups, renewals, cancellations

This past week has been insanely emotional for me. It's mostly because of all the things happening at Manchester United. However, this past weekend, TV networks announced their fall schedule; they announced new shows they picked up, the lucky ones renewed, and which ones are cancelled.

I'm incredibly upset that Go On was cancelled. More upset than I imagined I would. I was convinced that the show was safe. Not completely safe -- this is NBC we're talking about -- but I was pretty damn sure. And then the cancellation news came pretty early on Friday. It's a shame, really. Yes, the first few episodes weren't that great, but shouldn't that be expected for new shows trying to find their footings? The second half of the season was amazing, and it turned to be my favorite comedy show. The show had great character growth, and it turned into a very solid ensemble show. More importantly, WHY DID YOU TAKE MATTHEW PERRY AWAY FROM ME, NBC?! Seriously, though, the more I think about it, the more upset I get about this. I really am going to miss these people! Hopefully Matthew Perry can get another project/show soon, because I want him on my TV! Or maybe he can guest star on Parenthood as Lauren Graham's new love interest, now that Jason Ritter's new show, Friends and Family, is picked up. Or maybe Go On can get picked up by another network the way Cougar Town did.

The only silver lining I got from Go On's cancellation was that I thought it meant Community's chance of a renewal went way up. There's no way NBC was gonna cancel everything, right? I mean, I was actually afraid that they would just cancel everything. But they're not THAT stupid, are they? It took them a looooong time to announce that Community was safe. This means that we can see the rest of the gang graduate college. Speaking of Community, does anyone actually miss Pierce Hawthorne? I was actually glad that Chevy quit (or fired? I don't remember) because everyone else seems to be having fun on set and he's just...throwing tantrums. And I barely even know that Pierce wasn't really on the show this season. I am hoping that the new show runners would stay for next season. Shaking the show up again wouldn't be good for the show and for continuity.

Honestly, I'd prefer a second season of Go On than a season five of Community, even though I love the study group. I feel like Go On really deserves its chance to develop and grow, while Community has probably hit its top (and it might be on its decline). It's a shame, really, that NBC wouldn't give Go On its fair shot.

The one new show that I'm excited about -- and probably one that was *guaranteed* to be picked up -- is Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actually, I'm not exactly sure what the official title of the show is now. I'm just going to call it SHIELD. I love that they released a vine of their trailer before their actual trailer:

Side note: Joss Whedon is on Twitter!