Friday, April 19, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Warning: Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Ever since BBC officially announced David Tennant and Billie Piper's involvement in the 50th anniversary special, my interest in Doctor Who has shifted from the current season to the special. It's hard to care about the current episodes when we're promised Tennant back in the suit and maybe in the TARDIS! Which is a shame, because Clara's story should be quite interesting.

A picture from the first table read
With Jenna!
On set: Matt, David, TARDIS, and Zygon butt
Signing autographs on set

I haven't seen any pictures of Billie Piper just yet, but in a recent interview on Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show, David mentioned that "Billie's nearby."

It has been pointed out that the TARDIS shown in the picture above looks like the tenth Doctor's TARDIS more than the eleventh Doctor's. There are so many possibilities of what that might mean. But, I think that goes against my previous theory that this would be the alternate universe tenth Doctor, who left with Rose. It could be Eleven crossing his own timeline and meeting Ten during his time with Rose. It's a much less significant clue, but Ten is also wearing the real him's suit instead of the alternate universe Ten's suit, if I'm not mistaken. I was a fan and believer of AU Ten to be the one in the 50th anniversary special, and according to what I've read, fans are torn about this. The one half love the idea, me included, while the other half think that it's a cheap way to bring Ten back. I can see their point, but I love the possibility of half-human, half-Timelord Doctor to meet his next reincarnation.

Whatever it is, it's gonna be very exciting. Ten, Eleven, Rose, and Clara all together! I just can't wait!

Series 7 finale

We have a few more episodes of series 7 left, and BBC has recently announced the title and poster of the finale:

I... I just hope Moffat doesn't ruin it. I doubt they would actually tell the viewers his name; that would be too much. Instead, he's just going to tell River, because we know she knows it. And, hopefully, Silence would be back. They better! They can't just bring up this super creepy, super mysterious monsters and not bring them back!