Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PaleyFest 2013: The Newsroom

I'm going to reserve my judgment of Piers Morgan. It makes sense that he was chosen to moderate this conversation. And it seems that Aaron Sorkin respects him. I think he did a decent job moderating, although I prefer when the moderator talks less and gives more time for audience questions.

I understand that the show is about a newsroom, and that Piers Morgan is a journalist, but he asked a few questions to the cast as if they're supposed to be journalism experts. I know that he just wanted them to state their opinion but it felt very awkward for a few moments there. In any case, I thought the cast were wonderful and answered the questions gracefully. I was particularly impressed by Olivia Munn, for some reason. I am a little disappointed that Margaret isn't sent to Mandyland, but a few Redditors pointed out that her character isn't as bad as Mandy, her storyline is, and I agree. Hopefully it will be better in season 2. I don't know about Sloan and Don, though...

I am also disappointed that no one asked Sorkin about the possibility to bring back unresolved storylines from his previous works; particularly, from Studio 60, fighting the FCC over time delaying the news. I really wanted to see Sorkin's take on the issue.

On a somewhat related note, I really want to watch the event for The Walking Dead because Chris Hardwick moderated it. However, I haven't watched the show yet and I don't know if I want to be spoiled of all the surprises. Then again, I went to their panel at last year's New York Comic Con and I thought it was awesome and not all that spoiler-y; mostly because I have no idea what they were talking about when they spoiled things.