Monday, January 28, 2013

Trying something new...

Excluding the current TV shows that I follow each week, I always watch older shows one at a time. I watch one episode after another, and I enjoy not having to wait a week (sometimes longer) to see what happens next. However, I do sometimes wonder if rushing through episodes takes away from the overall experience. It might throw off the pacing of the show; the creators might have intended for episodes to be watched weeks apart; different plot lines get jumbled up and missed. So, I've decided to try watching multiple shows at once. Not necessarily one episode of one show followed by one of another show, but maybe a few episodes of one show and then a few days of other shows.

I'm still in the middle of watching Parenthood, I'm at the beginning of season 3 right now and honestly, I'm getting tired of all the drama. I watched the pilot episode of Dirty Sexy Money last night, and it seems pretty interesting; lighter in the drama department than Parenthood so it might be easier to watch. I also have Six Feet Under downloaded and ready to be watched, which I'm going to start...right now. All three shows star Peter Krause so I might need to drop one (or two) of them. As substitutes, I can continue watching The Newsroom, of which I've only watched the first 5 or 6 episodes; and I can also go back to Battlestar Galactica, since I stopped somewhere at the beginning of its second season.

Dirty Sexy Money

The show revolves around Nick George (Krause), a lawyer and dedicated family man. After his father's mysterious death, Nick agrees to take over his position as the family lawyer to New York's richest family: The Darlings. Not wanting to become his father, who split his time between his own family and The Darlings, Nick struggles to balance his morals and family life. Nick's reluctance in accepting the job is squashed by a generous offer for charities of his choosing, and by the possibility of discovering his father's murderer.

The glamorous side of the show adds to its appeal, and the murder mystery aspect of it drew my attention. The show was canceled after only 2 seasons, therefore the mystery of Dutch George's murder is never resolved, to my disappointment. Nonetheless, the premise itself is enough of an attraction for me, but I might postpone watching this until I'm done with Parenthood and/or Six Feet Under as to not be Krause-overloaded.

Six Feet Under

This is one of the shows the have been on my "to watch" list for a while now. It's critically acclaimed with a unique premise. I believe I became aware of this show when I started watching Dexter and saw that Michael C. Hall was previously most famous for his role as David Fisher.

Six Feet Under is a show about Nate Fisher (Krause) and his brother David (Hall) as co-owners of their family funeral business after the sudden death of their father. The Fisher family also includes Ruth, their mother, and Claire, their younger sister. Even though the base of the show is a conventional family drama, having death as a principal theme makes the show quite unique. Additionally, I enjoy the large quantity of dark humor in the show.

Even without the fact that the show is actually very good, I think I could enjoy it just by how attractive the Fisher brothers are. I am amazed by how much Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall look alike.

Side note: with all these shows I've been watching lately, I realize how "normal" my family is, and how undramatic my life has been. Am I missing out on the craziness?