Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wait...that's it?!

I mean... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT?! Yet another Joss Whedon series that ended way too soon. Angel could definitely go for another season or two. But, I have to say, I think that it was a great ending to the series.

In the end, Angel signed away his chance of happiness and humanity for a chance to fight evil –– just like a hero would. I thought that was one of the defining moments in the show; Angel, for the last few seasons, was driven by The Shanshu Prophechy, which said that Angel will be returned to his human form after he defeats evil. The fact that he realized that that's not supposed to be his goal, that this thing is bigger than him, to me showed what a strong character he is. Sure, he seems shaky at best at one point or another, but he does give everything (including a chance of happiness with Buffy) for the greater good.

The Weakest Link(s)

I, like many others, don't like season 4 at all. Why? Connor. His existence isn't all bad –– he was a huge part of Darla's redemption –– but really, it'd be much better if he didn't exist. I also hate Cordelia's character arc. I'm not the biggest fan of the Angel-Cordelia relationship in the first place, but what they did to Cordelia in season 4 is unbearable. Her sleeping with Connor and then "giving birth" to Jasmine... just... no. And Jasmine! Even worse than Connor!

I can barely tolerate Lilah, but the one character that I just can't stand: Lindsey. Even his face annoys me. I just couldn't wait until he gets killed off; unfortunately, I guess, other people like him so much that he keeps coming back.

The Good to Great Guys

Some of the character developments seen in Angel are just amazing. My favorite is definitely Wesley. He came in to the show as the goofy sidekick; looked as though he would be the guy for the punchline. But he ended up being the most badass character in the show, in my opinion. From kidnapping Connor (with good reason! Although I disagree with his actions), to being in some sort of relationship with Lilah, to just being a kickass guy right to his death, Wes is giving Spike a run for his money for the best character development in Buffyverse. Also, it still hasn't sunk in that he actually died. I did develop a little crush on Alexis Denisof during his transition to dark and badass, and I now can't imagine that he also plays Sandy Rivers on How I Met Your Mother (the same way that I can't see Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin instead of Willow).

Fred is another character that, I thought, was very interesting to watch. She's always strong and able to take care of herself –– surviving in Pylea by herself for five years shows that. The fact that she was shown as the quirky, innocent character made me forget of how strong she actually is. How forward she was when telling Wes how she feels is a part of her character that, I think, was hidden since she came to LA. Side note: of course this happens the episode before Fred gets killed. Fred and Wes makes so much sense (way more than Fred and Gunn) that it just wouldn't happen in a show like Angel. And then Illyria arrives. Amy Acker did a brilliant job in playing both Fred and Illyria. Although, I was disappointed in the fact that Fred was starting to come back out to Illyria's character at the end. I thought it would be better if Illyria stayed Illyria until the end.

The Girl in Question

Not a lot of people's favorite; most seem to hate this episode. I personally really liked it. It was a one-off, fun/goofy episode, and I always like those. However, I think it was misplaced in the season; it would make much more sense to be one of the earlier episodes. It could be the Angel-Spike bonding episode, the "welcome to the team" for Spike.

I also think that it's a great episode in showing that whatever is happening, whatever they're doing, it's not about Buffy anymore. It was basically the "moving on from Buffy" episode, and it's definitely better to be in the first half of the season, instead of at the end when the apocalypse is just about to come.

I guess I just love Angel and Spike together. Especially when they're being extremely jealous of another vampire. The fact that the Immortal has been taking their girls is hilarious. So, I guess, the answer to my question of "Angel or Spike" is probably The Immortal. Quite disappointed that we don't get to actually see him!

Not Fade Away

Yes, the ending seems a little rushed –– because it was, being canceled and all –– and yes, it seems like the episode before the *actual* two-part finale; but it was such a perfect series finale, whether or not it was meant to be one. It shows that the fight is not over. It may never be over, and we must keep fighting. In Angel's words, "they're not there to be beat –– they're there to be fought."

Even though the fight was left hanging, the episode also allows a resolution for each character. Spike at the poetry slam? Genius. The one that caught me by surprise is definitely Lorne's.

Also, "I want to slay the dragon" is just perfect.

I do believe that this is one of the best series finale; but, as I previously mentioned, I think that the show could have gone on for one or two more seasons. They could explore The Circle of the Black Thorn a little bit more; it seemed to be thrown out there without any background and did not get an adequate setup for the finale. The Senior Partners and the Powers That Be should also be explained a little better; in my mind, they're kinda like feuding brothers. Not really good vs. evil; with them, the line between good and evil is very blurry. But they both recognize the importance of Angel so they both try to get him on their side.

Also, headcanon, Spike is the prophesied one and gets to be a real boy after the apocalypse.

Now that I'm done with Buffyverse, what the hell should I do? I guess I can stay in the Whedonverse and try watching Dollhouse again. Or I can go the actor route and follow David Boreanaz to Bones.